We are going to explain to you how to configure your Apple account to be able to recover it in the event that you lose your passwords or have forgotten them, no longer have access to your devices, or it has been hacked. Because prevention is better than cure, and although Apple offers a last resort to recover the account, it is better if you do not have to use it.

And for that very reason, today we are going to explain to you what are these options that you can configure to prevent, so that if something fails you have other resources to be able to recover the account. Or that if you can’t do it, at least don’t lose all your data. And at the end of all, we will also tell you what is the process to restore your account.

The first thing you have to do is repeatedly download backup copies with all the data that Apple has about you. Thus, you will make your own backup copies with the most important data of your account, avoiding its definitive loss if you suffer its loss or theft. For this, you have to go to the AppleID.apple.com website. In it, scroll down completely and click on Manage your data and your privacy. This will take you to a page that you can also go to directly at the privacy.apple.com link.

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