As usually happens in the final stretch of each year, Apple renewed its mobile catalog with the new iPhones and also with its latest wrist device, the Apple Watch Series 7.

This has a larger screen than the Apple Watch Series 6, its load is more fast and offers better performance. Is it worth the change with such “brief” news? It’s time to find out. Smartwatches are one of my go-to tech products – I have, and have had, my fair share of them.

Samsung, Mobvoi, Fitbit, Amazfit, Huawei and Apple, these are the brands that have adorned my wrist in recent years. Due to the balance of functions, and the quality of the sports records, the Apple Watch is one of the watches that has given me the most service.

Since I had been with Series 4 for three years, I decided to make the jump to Series 7. Let’s see how my experience is being.

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