Surely during these days of Black Friday, you have fallen into more than one offers that you have not been able to resist. Among them, we find discounts on all kinds of products. For example, we have talked about a kit of brushes, concealers, eyeshadow palettes or face creams but also about many other types of products such as women’s accessories, sex toys or hair brushes. But on a day like today, we have to focus on discounts in the tech world for Cyber ​​Monday. This day is ideal to take advantage of the occasion and buy those products that we have been wanting for so long but there is always something that puts us back. Well, in this case we are talking about an offer that is difficult to refuse …

Nowadays, who considers traveling, playing sports or just going for a walk without headphones? If you are one of the traditional ones who prefer wired headphones or you already have wireless headphones, this novelty may make you rethink things … Amazon launches an offer for Apple Airpods Pro with Magsafe Charging Case that allows you to save up to 80 euros (29%) . That is, you would go from paying a total of 279 euros to 198.98 euros, with returns and free delivery! In addition, Amazon has established that for this Christmas the returns of products purchased between November 1 and December 31 can be delayed until January 31, 2022, so it would not be a bad idea as a gift for these dates.

But if you prefer to keep them for yourself it is important that you keep in mind that they are resistant to water and sweat so you can take them with you to any plan. You can also adjust them to your needs and escape the mythical headphones that you have to end up taking off because they annoy you. In addition, the size is not the only thing that can be adjusted since the audio and noise adapt to your preferences and to each situation. If all this still hasn’t convinced you, go straight in and take a look, this train doesn’t pass twice!

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