Along with the Christmas announcement and other events around these holidays it seems that this year we will have a white Christmas, at least in the Apple Store Online. The easter egg of these holidays returns to the company’s online store so that the experience of buying Christmas gifts is more in line with the weather.

Who would say that it can snow inside an online store. At least the servers in the data centers will be well cooled, yes. Since the end of 2017, Apple has introduced a small Easter egg every year in the Apple Store app of our iPhone or iPad.

If we type “let it snow” in the search field of the app, digital snowflakes start to fall. We can enjoy this Christmas atmosphere from the entire application, while we choose products or simply add to our wish list.

Although we have known this Easter egg since 2017, as we have already said, Apple activates and deactivates it throughout the year, so it is only possible to see it on these dates.

We see more and more surprises of this type in Apple Ads and Keynotes. We see them in the invitations to events, in the music that plays next to the events and also on Twitter or in the apps. By the way, once it’s snowing in our Apple Store, let’s try shaking the device, see what happens.

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