It also opened several research centers and made considerable investments in renewable energy. Apple’s agreements with other countries For a company to decide to enter into a relationship with a government of a country important to it is common. Apple itself has signed agreements with other governments, promising investments, changes and work. He did it with Trump himself, when his administration asked American companies to manufacture in the country and not choose to take factories abroad.

Apple agreed to make the Mac Pro in the US. In return, Trump avoided having Apple products face tariffs in its trade war with China. modi india Other countries such as India have also received special attention from Apple.

The Asian country requires that companies that wish to operate in the country, manufacture part of their products within its borders. Apple has agreed with Pegatron to manufacture various iPad and iPhone models. And thanks to that, he opened several official stores. The deal took years to hatch, but it paid off: Apple doubling its sales in India in Q4 2020.

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